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IIC-to-LCD adaptor High speed with dual in-line LCD connector


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This is a small adaptor board allowing an LCD to be driven from the fast serial 2 wire inter-IC bus.This means it can be used with an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller board.

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Out of stock

The picture shows the board (red) fitted to a standard 40 character by 2 lines LCD display. Such displays operate using the standard Hitachi-Densitron interface method. We offer an Arduino-compatible software driver in our downloads section. The driver allows control of the LCD backlight….so you can turn it on/off and flash it at will. It has a preset control to set contrast, and can run at a much faster IIC rate than other such products (1.7MHz max) It has jumpers to set the IIC address, allowing a maximum of 8 displays to be run from the IIC bus (though we have no idea why you would want to do that).It has a small power-on LED.
We are not aware of any other manufacturer offering an adaptor for these types of display with a dual in-line LCD connector.

To download the Arduino software driver, click here and add to your basket. A download link will be available in your account on completion of your order.

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