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Arduino PRO MINI Industrial Module


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This is a DIN rail microcontroller module with 16 HINIL 24 volt inputs and outputs using an Arduino Pro-Mini. It can provide the intelligence for a small industrial machine or act as a peripheral for a larger Din-rail controller.

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1 in stock

This Din-rail industrial module offers a way to use Arduino Pro-mini within an industrial machine application. It is configurable for 5 volt and 3V3 Arduino boards. There are 16 usable lines (corresponding to Pro-Mini I/O bits). It’s interface connections are individually configurable as Analog inputs, digital inputs or digital (or PWM) outputs. Analog inputs can be standard 0 to +10V levels or 0 to +20V. You can scale your own analogs if you are willing to sacrifice some resolution. The unit has its own switched-mode supply for the Pro-Mini and brings out the required programming connections to screw terminals so that the unit may be reprogramming without removing it from the DIN rail. Outputs may be used as active-high…resistive pull-ups limit this use to logical flags etc. When used active-low they can drive solenoids/motors/stepper motors (simple unipolar applications)/ lamps etc to a maximum of 1 amp 24V per output.

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